Templates for commonly-used document types

If you often create documents based on the same content, you might benefit from using file templates. A file template can be a document of any type with the formatting or content you would like to reuse. For example, you could create a template document with your letterhead.

Make a new template

  1. Create a document that you are going to use as a template. For example, you could make your letterhead in a word processing application.

  2. Save the file with the template content in the Templates folder in your Home folder. If the Templates folder does not exist, you will need to create it first.

Use a template to create a document

  1. Open the folder where you want to place the new document.

  2. Right-click anywhere in the empty space in the folder, then choose New Document. The names of available templates will be listed in the submenu.

  3. Choose your desired template from the list.

  4. Double-click the file to open it and start editing. You may wish to rename the file when you are finished.