Get the most out of your laptop battery

As laptop batteries age, they get worse at storing charge and their capacity gradually decreases. There are a few techniques that you can use to prolong their useful lifetime, although you should not expect a big difference.

  • Do not let the battery run all the way down. Always recharge before the battery gets very low, although most batteries have built-in safeguards to prevent the battery running too low. Recharging when it is only partially discharged is more efficient, but recharging when it is only slightly discharged is worse for the battery.

  • Heat has a detrimental effect on the charging efficiency of the battery. Do not let the battery get any warmer than it has to.

  • Batteries age even if you leave them in storage. There is little advantage in buying a replacement battery at the same time as you get the original battery — always buy replacements when you need them.

This advice applies specifically to Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries, which are the most common type. Other types of battery may benefit from different treatment.