About this guide

This guide is designed to give you a tour of the features of your desktop, answer your computer-related questions, and provide tips on using your computer more effectively. Here are a few notes regarding the help guide:

  • The guide is sorted into small, task-oriented topics — not chapters. This means that you don’t need to skim through an entire manual to find the answer to your questions.

  • Related items are linked together. “See Also” links at the bottom of some pages will direct you to related topics. This makes it easy to find similar topics that might help you perform a certain task.

  • It includes built-in search. The bar at the top of the help browser is a search bar, and relevant results will start appearing as soon as you start typing.

  • The guide is constantly being improved. Although we attempt to provide you with a comprehensive set of helpful information, we know we can’t answer all of your questions here. We will keep adding more information to make things more helpful.