How can I check my printer’s ink or toner levels?

How you check how much ink or toner is left in your printer depends on the model and manufacturer of your printer, and the drivers and applications installed on your computer.

Some printers have a built-in screen to display ink levels and other information.

Some printers report toner or ink levels to the computer, which can be found in the Printers panel in Settings. The ink level will be shown with the printer details if it is available.

The drivers and status tools for most HP printers are provided by the HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) project. Other manufacturers might supply proprietary drivers with similar features.

Alternatively, you can install an application to check or monitor ink levels. Inkblot shows ink status for many HP, Epson and Canon printers. See if your printer is on the list of supported models. Another ink levels application for Epson and some other printers is mtink.

Some printers are not yet well supported on Linux, and others are not designed to report their ink levels.